Big Top Yoga - Health Revival

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Teatro ZinZanni presents Sean Dereck in Big Top Yoga - Health Revival! August 25th at 11am.

Discover profound vitality through diet and exercise in this one-of-a-kind yogic experience at Teatro ZinZanni's Spiegeltent. Join Sean in his unique blend of vinyasa and hatha yoga. The class is suitable for beginners and can be very challenging for those with a regular practice as well. Fresh-pressed, natural healing remedies brought to you by Strawberry Moon Juice are included in ticket cost. Live musicians will underscore the event and the demonstration by world-class Teatro ZinZanni performers will leave you inspired. The event is sure to revitalize and rejuvenate your body and mind.

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Happy Anniversary to Strawberry Moon Juice!

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Did you see the Super Moon this past weekend? It was amazing!  Happy Anniversary to Strawberry Moon Juice.


Morning Sunshine!

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Feliz Seis de Mayo?

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Happy Holidaze!

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Where Thor Gets His Strength

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Tobias Larsson as Thor in Teatro ZinZanni's new show, Dinner at Wotan's.  Mention the Strawberry Moon discout and receive $25 off when you book your tickets for any Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday show now through the end of the run on May 12, 2013.  Teatro ZinZanni Box Office: 206-802-0015.


Laughing Rooster

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In case you needed a good laugh today...


One Step for Sustainability

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We at Strawberry Moon talk a great deal about sustainability. We strive for zero-waste, lowering our environmental impact, and promoting of our local farmers, all while delivering fresh, delicious juices straight to your door. The company was founded on the principle of providing minimally processed food that supports local agriculture and the vitality of our planet.

But what exactly does working for a sustainable food system mean?

Before we answer that, we’d like to share an example of what it is not. Simply Orange, a Coca-Cola owned company, is marketed as a fresh-from-the-grove, simply picked, squeezed and bottled orange juice. It is in fact a hyper-engineered and dauntingly industrial product that is piped long distances underground and controlled by numerous algorithms which factor global patterns. It can be stored up to eight months while suspended in a nitrogen cloud. This process is described in detail by Bloomberg news. It is the opposite of sustainable food.

The simplest definition of “sustainable agriculture” is the production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animals. Simply put, sustainable agriculture allows us to produce real, healthful food that does not compromise the well-being of the consumer, enhances the environment, supports the farmer, and enables future generations to do the same.

This idea of promoting a sustainable food system has become more mainstream, and the demand for less processed and fresh foods is growing. Because of this shift, large food production companies have created savvy ways to market their goods as farm-fresh, whole and healthy. The ugly truth is their food products are treated more like the processing at an oil-refinery where anything natural must be killed and manipulated.

It is more important than ever for people to understand the source of the foods they consume, how it’s grown, raised, and prepared. Just because it’s marketed as “all natural” doesn’t make it so, and just because we ask for it doesn’t mean the industry will easily throw out the old ways of doing things. There are billions of dollars invested in the production of food, and the industry won’t change without a fight.

We at Strawberry Moon are doing our part by providing you with fresh, minimally processed juice. We treat our juice production more like a craft with an old-world feel than a commodity. We continue to improve our relationship with local farms because locally grown vegetables and fruits harvested within hours of landing in our kitchen or on your table taste the best. The vibrancy of their flavors cannot be beat! We aren’t manipulating our juice to make it universally consistent. In fact, fruits and vegetables have different characteristics depending on where and how they are grown. The more we eat real food, the more our taste buds can pick up on these subtle nuances and we can learn to celebrate the differences. Of course, we live in Seattle so local is not always available but we always strive to buy local and organic when possible. We feel Washington farmers deserve a quality life. Family farms, ranches and family-owned small businesses are vital to a sustainable economy. Keeping families on their land and earning a fair living preserves a rich heritage, sustains communities and supports our best traditions.

We pledge to buy organic and local as much as possible then simply cold press & bottle. No pipeline or air traffic control. No algorithms. Sustainability is everyone's challenge and it doesn’t come without a price. We are taking baby steps in the right direction and do what we can to promote a shift in our food system. We whole-heartily endorse the goals and practices of sustainable agriculture and we encourage everyone who shops for food, cooks it up, and loves eating well as much as we do to consider its impact.

How to Live to be 100

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It's easy to become wrapped up in the health claims of the food industry and it can definitely be confusing at times. Consumers are always looking for the quick and easy answer to living a long and healthy life. If you've come to our pages looking for the next big thing, a panacea, a quick fix, you've come to the wrong page. We encourage basic principles backed by scientific evidence that will take willpower, a bit of effort and, at times, a certain level of discomfort. Radiant health is something you work for each and everyday. Our juice gives our customers a low calorie, nutrient dense option filled with the elements that our body pulls from our earth to build the life we know.  We believe in providing real, delicious food that supports overall health through intermittent fasting and a plant-based supplement to your diet.  

Along with diet, it's important to move naturally. While yoga, weightlifting, and running marathons challenge the body and have their advantages, it is not entirely necessary to go to such extremes for optimal health. Weightlifting for the inflexible can injure joints and muscles.  Yoga for the hyper flexible can lead to destabilization and endurance sports can accelerate the aging process if not spaced appropriately. What matters is that you move. Get out of the chair off of the couch and move. Stop looking for the path of lease resistance and use that resistance to train your body. 

The path to healthy living is simple, as we learned from the centenarians in this Ted Talk.  Have a reason to get out of bed every day and find a way to always love that reason or stay engaged with it.  Find away to reduce, relieve, and release stress. Eat less food and limit meat consumption.  Drink, party, and indulge only in moderation - the less you do the easier it is to reduce hedonistic indulgences from time to time. Build a loving and supportive social network full of people who inspire and encourage you to be the best you can possibly be.

For the Life of the Party

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