About Us

Strawberry Moon is Seattle's definitive source for raw juice. We are a small collective of friends that know how good organic raw juice feels when consumed. We are not here to preach a juice-only, raw food, vegan, lacto-vegetartian or abstain-from-all-pleasures lifestyles. Sometimes we drink too much, play too hard and work too long. Perhaps our pursuits are Epicurean, but like Epicurus we understand that it is impossible to live a life of pleasure without living wisely, well and justly. Hectic & adventurous lifestyles can lead to poor dietary choices. It is our belief that raw juices, periodic fast/cleanses and momentary perfunctory asceticism can reset the body, mind and keep you living a full and pleasant life.

It is in this belief that our artisanal approach to juicing will delight the cultured foodie while maintaining a universal appeal for the less adventurous. We hand craft each beverage - in small batches - using a hydraulic press. Our juices are TRULY RAW. We do not pasteurize or high pressure process (HPP) our juice because anything less than truly raw has killed enzymes and denatured proteins that are vital to radiant health. Our juice will revive the tired, brighten the dull and leave you feeling well all over.

We offer fasts of various lengths but our juice can also be consumed with a meal or as a meal just alike using our 4- and 6-packs. Our goal is to not only to help you clean your body and mind but to change your relationship with food. In living wisely, well and justly we must change how we get our food, how much food we consume and how much food we waste.

Our mission is to provide healthy juice and food choices with absolute sustainability and zero waste while supporting beyond organic agricultural initiatives. We promise to be a responsible producer and encourage you to be a responsible consumer. With this in mind we deliver our programs in reusable thermal bags and glass bottles. These choices not only preserve our juices better but, they will also keep plastics out of your food and our oceans and make our footprint on this wonderful planet just a little bit lighter.

Thank you for choosing Strawberry Moon. Thank you for taking charge of your health. Thank you for helping us take care of the Earth. Now get out there work like a dog, party like a (evolved) rock star, then cleanse and repeat.