Delivery Details

Home/Office Delivery in Seattle

If you live or work within 6 miles of the Downtown Seattle area*, Strawberry Moon Juice offers to deliver your fresh juice to your home or office at a $5 delivery fee.  For locations outside of Seattle, please contact us for other arrangements.  We have morning and evening deliveries available most days of the week. Choose your best option and we’ll bring it to you!

Delivery Schedule

Seattle Metro
  • Morning deliveries are between 9 - 11am on Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri
  • Evening deliveries are between 6 - 9pm on Sun, Mon, Wed & Thur

Bellevue, Kirkland & Mercer Island

  • Monday & Thursday afternoon - between 2-4pm.  An additional $5 fee will be applied.

When To Place An Order

In order to guarantee next day evening delivery, your order must be received before 5pm the day prior. Example; If you would like to receive your order on Monday, it must be received prior to 5 pm Sunday evening. To guarantee next day morning delivery, your order must be received before 6am, the day prior.  Example; If you would like a Monday morning delivery, your order must be received prior to 6am Sunday morning. 

Important Details

Note that if you are fasting, your juice will have been prepared the DAY BEFORE YOUR START DATE.  If you choose an AM office delivery, it will be delivered the MORNING OF your fast start date.  PM home delivery is delivered the EVENING PRIOR to your start date.  If you are ordering a 4- or 6-pack of juice, please check the expiration date on the bottom to ensure maximum freshness.

It is IMPORTANT to remember that all of our products are raw and unpasteurized and, therefore, very perishable.  Refrigeration is essential to maintain the integrity of the juice, especially during the summer months.  We will do our best to maintain the freshness, but please choose a delivery time that ensures the juice can be refrigerated within an hour of it being delivered.  SMJ cannot assume responsibility for your order once it has been dropped off.