Preparing for a Fast/Cleanse

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Preparing for a fast/cleanse

Preparing for a cleanse can be different for each person. Your lifestyle, diet and current state of health should be evaluated to determine the preparation necessary in undertaking a juice fast. 

If you live and diet like a Japanese Buddhist Monk, stepping peacefully into a juice fast needs little preparation.  As they say “you cannot wake someone who is awake” so please skip to the order form.

If your fruit intake usually comes rolled-up and if you count chips as a vegetable, you should take at least a week or two to prepare. Lack of preparation will make the fast/cleanse a bit harder but not impossible.

Start a few weeks out, and each day add a new goal for the daily diet. Maybe the first day of preparation is as simple as not covering everything you eat in melted cheese.  Building on that goal, the next day you might eliminate fried foods.   See bullet points below and try to address as many bullet points as possible before start of cleanse.  

Don’t over think the process and don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a goal. All is not lost; 80% of something is better than a 100% of nothing.  It’s a general philosophy we like to use. The pursuit of radiant health should not add new stress. Just know that in health, as in life, you cannot give as little as possible and expect generous returns.  Change happens with practice and dedication.  



  • alcohol, cigarettes, drugs & OTC medicines
  • sugar, artificial sweeteners & salt,
  • microwave, preservatives, processed & fried foods
  • meat & dairy products
  • gluten (oats, barley, rye, wheat) – bread, pasta, pies, cakes and pastries


  • intake of raw foods in your diet – salads and sprouted foods
  • pure water and hydrating fluids such as herbal teas and fresh fruit 
  • leafy green vegetables, short grain brown rice, and vegetable soups
  • eat vegetarian or vegan as best you can but a little bit of lean, organic chicken, turkey, or wild fish is fine.


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