How to Live to be 100

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It's easy to become wrapped up in the health claims of the food industry and it can definitely be confusing at times. Consumers are always looking for the quick and easy answer to living a long and healthy life. If you've come to our pages looking for the next big thing, a panacea, a quick fix, you've come to the wrong page. We encourage basic principles backed by scientific evidence that will take willpower, a bit of effort and, at times, a certain level of discomfort. Radiant health is something you work for each and everyday. Our juice gives our customers a low calorie, nutrient dense option filled with the elements that our body pulls from our earth to build the life we know.  We believe in providing real, delicious food that supports overall health through intermittent fasting and a plant-based supplement to your diet.  

Along with diet, it's important to move naturally. While yoga, weightlifting, and running marathons challenge the body and have their advantages, it is not entirely necessary to go to such extremes for optimal health. Weightlifting for the inflexible can injure joints and muscles.  Yoga for the hyper flexible can lead to destabilization and endurance sports can accelerate the aging process if not spaced appropriately. What matters is that you move. Get out of the chair off of the couch and move. Stop looking for the path of lease resistance and use that resistance to train your body. 

The path to healthy living is simple, as we learned from the centenarians in this Ted Talk.  Have a reason to get out of bed every day and find a way to always love that reason or stay engaged with it.  Find away to reduce, relieve, and release stress. Eat less food and limit meat consumption.  Drink, party, and indulge only in moderation - the less you do the easier it is to reduce hedonistic indulgences from time to time. Build a loving and supportive social network full of people who inspire and encourage you to be the best you can possibly be.

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