Juice Fasts

Short-term juice fasting has become quite popular and we are Seattle’s favorite juice fast program. There are plenty of articles and research now pointing to the fact that the human body may have evolved to perform at its best with short-term feeding gaps.

We’ve made it easy to do. Pick a level of intensity.  Choose your delivery date. Drink the juice within 3 days of delivery.  We do all the thinking for you.   Once your juice arrives, remove solid foods from your diet or go raw for the duration or only eat vegetables or just choose to eat healthier than you have been,  there are plenty of pathways to restore your health. We will provide the juice to flood the body with high nutrients, micro-nutrients good bacteria and living enzymes.  

We have found 4 juices a day to work pretty well. If you have a fast metabolism, have a hard sweet tooth, live a physically demanding lifestyle or are just blessed with a considerable stature you may want to increase your daily caloric intake. Add any 4 or 6 pack to your 3 day fast to supplement. This can also add a bit more variety to your fast. There is no absolute in juice fasting or cleansing. We encourage you to decrease and limit your sugar intake. The less fruit sugars the better but fruit sugar is still better for you than refined sugar. You will be amazed at how much energy you gain not constantly digesting.