Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why juice fast?

A: Although hundreds of fasting centers and clinics have existed in most European countries throughout the 20th century, Americans are still very far behind the learning curve regarding scientific, therapeutic fasting, as well as in adopting natural and organic food diets. In the U.S., many in the medical orthodoxy continue to take a negative view of fasting, particularly as a therapeutic tool. However, when the medical profession shifts gears from treating illness to PREVENTING illness, fasting will be increasingly prescribed.

Prolonged, scientific fasting has proven itself over several thousand years as humanity's oldest, fastest and most effective weight-loss, detoxification, healing and longevity-enhancing modality known to mankind - both curative, as well as preventive. Just as hibernating bears and migrating whales, as well as much smaller beings, live for many months each year without eating, your body is brilliantly designed to live on its own stored substances. Similarly, during skillful, therapeutic and prolonged juice-fasts, your body will brilliantly live on its own stored substance via "autolysis", or autodigestion. Marvelously, the body decomposes and burns all the cells and tissue which are aged, damaged, diseased, weakened or dead.

Q: Can I eat soilds while fasting?

A: If you want to maximize the detox effects of your fast, you will not want to eat solid foods. However, you know should know thyself. If you must eat during, eat raw, organic vegetables. We preach no dogma. Give it your best intention and strong effort and know that is what matters most.

Q: Is not eating for three to five days safe?

A: Gandhi went three weeks without eating in his 70's. Heathy individuals should be able to survive without food for thirty to forty days. There are links on our website supporting the growing body of evidence that intermittent breaks in consumption can be safe and therapeutic. 

Q: How many calories are in your juices?

A:  We do know that calories are still important to some of you and we want to provide you with the information you need.  We haven’t assayed our juices yet, but here are some rough estimates based on our research.

Based on 16oz:

Green juices without fruit: approx 100-130 calories

Green juices with fruit: approx 150-300 calories

Carrot juices: approx 200-275 calories

Cashew/Almond Mylk: approx 150-250 calories

One day - based on 4 juices/day

Remedial - approx. 650-1125 calories/day

Curative - approx. 600-955 calories/day

Therapeutic - approx. 450-640 calories/day

The calorie count may look high to some for a few of our juices, especially if they are being consumed as a supplement along with food. It’s important to know that not all calories are created equal.  Our juices are raw, organic, and very nutrient dense! Our bodies will respond very differently to 500 calories of processed food than it would 500 calories of raw fruits and vegetables.  We’ve been told that calories in and calories out is the magic formula for weight loss and long-lasting health but it’s becoming more clear that this isn’t the whole story.  Yes, we do believe that a temporary reduction in caloric intake has shown to have positive health benefits but we also know that the types of calories you are eating while not fasting are just as, even arguably more, important.  

Q:What's so special about hydraulic pressed juice?

A: a hydraulic press slowly processes the juice so that it retains 100% enzymatic vitality for upwards of 3 to 4 days.

Q: Is the produce local?

A: When it can be. 

Q: Is the produce organic?

A: 98% of it is certified organic - pineapples are generally the only non-organic and never locally produced fruit we offer.

Q: How does your fasting program work?

A: After your order is placed and the delivery time/date is set, try to eat as clean as possible until delivery. Avoid food, caffeine (green tea if headaches occur) and beverages other than water during the fast. We have planned a juice for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. You can plan them around your day and switching them around will not negate any effect. Drink water between juices. Sleep well and feel great. It's that simple.

Q: Will you work with my allergies?

A: We'll do our best.  We have created numerous drinks so that hopefully you can find juices without affecting ingredients.

Q: What is your delivery area?

A: We deliver within 5 miles of 1752 NW Market St. Read more here.